I have something I want to share and it all boils down to manifesting your desires. Growing up in an abusive household with a bi-polar mother, forced me to adopt habits, mindsets, and coping mechanisms that protected me.

For instance, the ability to numb myself and refrain from communicating how I felt, kept me out of trouble however, when I grew up and started dating, this defense mechanism proved to be detrimental.

When my husband and I met (I consider this to be my first REAL relationship, where I let my guard down) I was broken, and struggled with releasing the things that no longer served me. If I would have held onto my old coping mechanisms (not communicating, suppressing my feelings, not feeling worthy of feeling emotions, etc…) I could have very well missed out on love.

This Isn’t A Rare Narrative for Women Today

This isn’t a rare narrative for women today, whether the frustrations revolve around love, money, health, or a plethora of other things we struggle with in our daily lives.

We are all dealing with very real issues and seeking very real ways to resolve them. Not only is your healing needed in order to grow into your best self, you also deserve that type of renewal.

There’s a lot of mystic, magical, guru juice flowing around the internet these days. You know the kind that gives you “5 steps to $10 million in 2 days” and “the $900 course for finding your passion.”

Personal development is great, but the self-help industry has flourished into a billion dollar industry; and as you can imagine, there are many exploitative vendors out there offering useless products and services.

The good thing is, there are some valuable resources out there that provide a genuine opportunity for people to develop their hearts, minds, and spirits.

Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You

When you do your research and take a closer look into all of the books, the sites, and the courses, you will find that the reality of what people are craving boils down to letting go of what no longer serves them and attracting what they desire. And let me tell you, it doesn’t take any magic, any guru, or any masterclass to put you on that path.

Meditation has proven to be the most effective way to get in touch with the parts of us that have the power to both release authenticity and to manifest with intention.

Both science and religion alike refer to the duality within us. Some call it the conscious and subconscious, I like to use the terms the “Me” and the “I”. The me can be correlated with the conscious, it’s who we see ourselves as.  

The “I” is in correlation with our subconscious and who we know ourselves to be.  It is the “me” who wants to spend my morning laying in bed for an extra 30 minutes because I see myself as too tired. It is the “I” who exerts the willpower to make it to the gym because I know that my health is important to me.

The Secret to Manifesting Your Desires

Now the humming of “om” and the finger to thumb positioning, while helpful, are not what make a meditation effective. It’s your head space, your heart space, and your deep and focused desire. Lets map out what this looks like in practice:

1. Set an intention: Have on your heart and mind what you are looking to obtain from your time in meditation. Decide what you would like to let go of and what you would like to manifest. Having a pinpoint on what you’d like to focus on during your time of meditation cuts down on the time your mind wanders and puts the spotlight on the progress you’d like to make.
2. Shed yourself of your “me” and connect with your “I”: While we associate ourselves with things like our feelings, our appearance, our emotions, our profession, our relationships, and our skills and talents, those are who we are. Meditation is the place where you must take the time and concentration to shed yourself of those indicators of self and deep dive into “I”, that subconscious self that emits the authenticity of your desires and will.
3. Be proactive in the manifestation of your desires: After meditation comes the opportunity for you to get the ball rolling. And although its easy for us to want to do things, most of the work on your part, is in your mind. Maintain positive energy surrounding your goals, affirm your intentions and put mental effort into keeping your outlook positive and expectant; this is a key element in manifesting your desires!

Walking into any bookstore today you will find dozens of aisles dedicated to helping you be a better version of yourself. It’s ironic as there is no one who is more invested in your well being than you yourself.

My Challenge To You:
Carve out 5-15 minutes of your morning each day this week to release and manifest. Follow the meditation map above and allow this to be part of your self care… because it is.

Reflection Question:
What is your heart ready and willing to release? In what ways are you only operating in your sense of “me” rather than your sense of “I”? How can you begin manifesting your desires?