Mantra of the Week: “I have a clear mind and clear space. I think and act on purpose.”

Have you ever walked into a room and became immediately anxious just from the sight of the clutter.

Heaps of papers on table surfaces, piles of clothes on the beds, dust floating like stars in a night sky — yet no where near as enchanting.

There is a distinct connection between environment and emotions.

We as purposeful women must take intentional action at maintaining environments that inspire and encourage us in our work. The first step is to admit that we have have the power to create the type of world that we want.

That takes some introspection then a bit of tidying up but that’s what I’m here for: to hand you the mop and broom and get this clarity.

How can we clear space and free ourselves for growth?

Marie Kondo, the author of the book Spark Joy wrote in depth suggestions on how particular types of thinking can assist in tidy up your home and clear the space for more joy.

I want to suggest those same concepts but with the emotional and mental aspects of ourselves. Take a peek!

Creating a Clear Space While Clearing Your Mind

1. Tackle Categories: We all have several areas of our lives that comprise this journey that we’re on. It’s irrational to think that paying attention to just one aspect will miraculously improve all areas of our being. Map out what categories you like, include (health, wealth, family, etc.) and tackle them one at a time.

2. Purging: Sometimes the best way to clean is to simply purge. This rule applies to everything from your junk drawer to those friendships that seem to just drain you with complaining and gossip. Take a close look at the parts of your life that could use a clean sweep.

3. Nostalgia isn’t always your friend: In the book this pertains to the way we seem to hoard things that ‘take us back’ down memory lane but ultimately lead to bogging us down with clutter. But in life we also need to consider this: we don’t have to continue in specific ways of life just because it’s what we’ve always done. Change is good, look for ways you can do a complete transformation because you want to not because you have to!

Mantra of the Week

My Challenge To You: Walk through your spaces both mentally and physically and clear the clutter. Look at what is taking up valuable time and space, yet not adding much value to your life.

Perhaps it’s a project that you simply lost genuine interest in. It’s okay to say “I’m done with that, and making room for something fresh and inspiring.”

Your living space may also be harboring some clutter that is not conducive to the clean and meaningful living area you deserve. Think of a friend who might be able to find use with those old books, old clothes, and gadgets you no longer use.

Reflection Question: Where are you harboring or hoarding “things” that just aren’t part of the vision you have for your future?