The Power of the Push [FREE WEBINAR]


If you’re anything like the women in the Mocha Girls Pit Stop community, you’ve always been a dreamer. You envisioned yourself achieving extraordinary goals. You created vision boards with luxurious homes, expensive cars and career paths that allowed you to spend more time with the people you love.

But then life happened. Financial obligations made it impossible for you to invest in yourself and your business. Tragedy struck and threw you off your game. Life continued to throw shade on your situation making it nearly impossible for you to see the sun.RegisterButton

What if I told you that I struggled to keep pushing COUNTLESS times over the course of my journey? I know what it’s like to have big dreams and goals but lack the resources and connections to make them come true.

I know what it’s like to struggle financially and have more month than money and more debt than savings. I know what it’s like to be insecure, hopeless and angry with the world because of my circumstances.

I almost didn’t launch my blog, Mocha Girls Pit Stop because I lacked confidence, direction and I had no clue what I was doing.

I was afraid to make a mistake. I was petrified of being viewed as a failure.

But I didn’t give up.

Instead, I journaled and I promised God that if he allowed me to overcome. If he gave me the strength to continue my journey with blogging, speaking and healing the wounds from my past,I would share my story.

I promised God that I would tell other people how to push past the rough patches in life when the going gets tough, because I know all too well how it feels to be hopeless and I want to offer hope for those who are where I’ve been.

In my new and improved webinar, The Power of the ‘P’: 7 Tips to Help You Push Past the Rough Patches in Life, I’m sharing 7 simple strategies that can help you maintain and sustain during your rough patch. Just because you’re in a rough place doesn’t mean you can’t have a plan.

 The webinar is completely free, however space is limited so please register and mark your calendar as soon as possible and share this event with anyone you know who needs to hear a message of hope.

I’ll be sharing the 7 strategies that have helped me to transform my thinking, maximize my productivity and help others while helping myself.

The Power of the ‘P’: 7 Tips to Help You Push Past the Rough Patches in Life is for you if:

  • You need an extra boost of motivation to achieve your goals
  • You are in the midst of an uncomfortable transition in life
  • You need encouragement to dream a little bigger
  • You are trying to identify your purpose and passion
  • You think you’re on the brink of giving up

The Power of the ‘P’: 7 Tips to Help You Push Past the Rough Patches in Life is free. You can access this webinar live on your computer from the comfort of your home, but seating is limited.

To ensure that you have a seat, register while you still can!

I’m thrilled to be hosting this webinar! It brings me great joy to deliver a message of hope and share the valuable tools that allowed me to persevere during some of the most challenging life experiences.

I hope to see you there!