Nellie Cooks is a blogger, author and mentor with a passion to bring healing to a dying generation of women. Growing up in a fatherless home with a mother who meant well but was too busy to cater to the needs of a hurting teen, Nellie rebelled and sought out love and attention from an older man.

Nellie’s pursuit for love and attention ironically, lead her down a road of hurt and pain.

Despite Nellie’s rocky past, she has emerged as a victorious young woman ready to help other women heal their broken hearts by sharing her story and what God has done in her life.



Watch Nellie’s interview to hear about how she coped with 2 miscarriages, growing up without a father and her newly found philosophy on love, relationships and redemption.

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Nuggets of insight from Nellie:

“You don’t have to accept low standards.”

“Start trying to get to know yourself. Love you. Love the way you look, talk and walk. Love every nook and cranny about you.”

“It is possible to meet someone who loves you for who you are.”

“Everything happens for a reason.”


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