Be Honest With Yourself About Your Areas for Improvement

April #GoalMappingMonday (3)


Quote of the Week: “What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.” – Tim Ferriss

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Feel free to network, connect with others with similar interests and find accountability partners. Happy #GoalMapping! 

Reflection Questions: What’s one habit that you can implement this week, to enable you to be more productive? What’s one bad habit that you can do without?

  • Miss Black Kansas US Ambassado

    I can relate to sticking to the to do list. I have started to leave space for following up on things. So If one of my to do list items is to call someone who wasnt in their office, I write, “Call tommorow” in the follow up section. It makes sure I see tasks to completion instead of just marking them off.

  • A few goals for this week:
    1. Pay off the florist for the wedding
    2. Do some research for MGPS and it’s future 🙂
    3. Exercise Daily ( even though I’ll be out of town)

    One habit I can implement is to stick to my to do list as much as possible. I’ve been straying away from it more than I’d like. The bad habit I can do without is probably “failing to prioritize.” Prioritizing is imperative for me right now. Make it a GREAT one ladies!