1. Make the Most of Your Lunch Break

Use this time to work on your passion, call clients, schedule online trainings or tackle other tasks that’ll progress your side hustle or business.


2. Take Advantage of Your Vacation Days

If your goal is to transition out of your day job and pursue your passion full time, work hard now so that you can play later. Use vacation time for personal and professional development, speaking engagements, consulting or other opportunities that’ll expedite your exit plan from the 9-5 and maximize your fulfillment.

3. Integrate Your Passion Into Your Day Job

Get creative and find ways to integrate what you love to do, with your day to day tasks. If you’re like me and you enjoy facilitating workshops for young women or motivational speaking, seek out opportunities at work to speak for free. You’ll get more experience ( and hopefully feedback) and you’ll increase your personal fulfillment.

4. Communicate With Your Supervisor

If you have a supportive supervisor, chat with them about your passions and together you may be able to find ways to integrate your passion into your day job or you may want to consider negotiating an alternative work week. Maybe you work 4 10 hour days and have Friday’s off to focus solely on your passion. You could even inquire about working from home a few days a week. If your supervisor isn’t supportive, seek out a support system to encourage you as you focus on your passion while maintaining your day job. There are tons of online communities that offer support for us nine to fivers with passions outside of work.

*I follow the Blogger’s Like Me Facebook page and many of the women in the group work 9-5’s while maintaining a blog or business. Connecting with these ladies always keeps me inspired.

5. Be an Asset and not a Liability

While focusing on your passion, don’t forget to do good work at your 9-5. I’m not saying you have to go above and beyond, but definitely be more of an asset than a liability. Your colleagues and your supervisor will be more inclined to support you if you have a reputation for supporting others and producing quality work.

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How do you thrive and survive at your 9-5 while focusing on your passion? Do you have a supportive supervisor or colleague who looks out for you? What advice would you give a nine to fiver on maintaining balance?