Proud of Your Melanin

29 Quotes About Black Women That’ll Make You Proud of Your Melanin

It brings my heart great joy to see black women embracing their blackness, natural hair, distinctive features and beautiful brown bodies! You should be proud of your melanin. When I was younger I didn't want a thing to do with my melanin. I equated beauty with light skin, long hair, pretty eyes and good hair (come on somebody, what the hell is good hair?) Continue reading...
White History Month

Why Isn’t There a White History Month?

I was one of those black kids that attended predominately white schools for the majority of my life. Not by choice, but my parent's enrolled me and I attended. I was none the wiser and I don't regret it. It never occurred to me that we were missing a white history month because quite frankly, in every subject, from art to astronomy, the pioneering leaders that I learned about in school, didn't look like me. Continue reading...

4 Tips to Help You Get Out of a Blah Mood

I woke up in such a blah mood. It got real this morning. You ever have one of those days where it seems like the world is out to get you? That's how my day began. I'm not sure if I had a bad dream or what, but I woke up not feeling like myself. It doesn't help that it's cold (and I'm from the east coast, I know cold) gloomy and rainy here in San Francisco. Continue reading here...
Become Your Best Self- How to Find Your Passion & Create a Goal Map to Your Dreams (1)

Become Your Best Self [FREE WEBINAR]

During our time together, I will share with you my 6-step system for finding your passion and goal mapping to your dreams! My goal is to assist you in becoming your best self using the tools, resources and insights that I've gained over the past few years as I test drove different careers, tried on different passions and. Continue reading...

Your Year in Review + FREE 2016 Goal Mapping Workbook

Can you believe that 2016 is right around the corner? The end of the year is a great time to create your year in review by reflecting on the past and planning for your future. December is always an exciting time for me. Every year around this time, I’m  pretty much over the current year and ready to move on. Continue reading here...
Black woman hugging her knees

Depressed Black Woman: Stigma, Sedation & Support

How many times did I respond to the morning light with a first thought of what is not going right in my life. Only to follow up with a foreboding of events to occur during the course of the day. How many times did I cling to a situation or person with desperation even when my inner knowing gave me clear signals that the person or situation was not good? Continue reading here...
Super Easy Candied Yams Recipe

Mocha Girl Cooks: Super Easy Candied Yams Recipe

My family's from the south and candied yams (or candied sweets/ candied sweet potatoes) is a popular holiday dish for us. My grandmother typically doesn't use marshmallows but I topped my candied yams dish with mini marshmallows last year and I fell in love. Enjoy this super easy candied yams recipe here!