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Mocha Girl on a Mission: Lauren Wells

“There was a time when I felt lost and I just didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Even after 4 years in college, I went from job to job not being happy and trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a living.” 

I am a Mocha Girl on a mission because…

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer in New York City who does not only want to pursue a healthy lifestyle for myself and my clients but I’m  also on a mission to reach out to the masses educating them on health, wellness and fitness. My other mission is to inspire others that they can do any and everything they ever put their mind to and to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! Continue reading…


1. Step Outside of Yourself and See “You” as Another Person

I realized how impactful this mindset shift was a few years ago. I noticed that it was very easy for me to extend compassion, understanding and acceptance to others, but I did not offer myself the same gesture. It was easy for me to embrace my friends’ or family members’ imperfections but when it came to me, I’d judge myself harshly, dwell on my mistakes and magnify my imperfections. Continue reading…

Know Your Principles and Live Them



Know Your Principles and Live Them

The #1 Secret to Getting Ahead


gettingaheadIt’s such a great time to be alive! We’ve come so far as a people that in today’s world, even our wildest dreams are possible. The sky is no longer the limit, for there are not limits to what we can achieve! But what do you think is the #1 secret for attaining those dreams? 

It’s Sunday night and I’m bundled up on my couch with the Oscar’s on mute. I have a glass of water and a bowl of fruit on my end table and blogging/speaking paperwork scattered all over my couch. I had a great weekend with one of my home girls and now I’m decompressing and prepping for my week. I’m pretty sure most people know by now that Lupita Nyong’o, the Kenyan actress and director, won an Oscar tonight. She gave a short, simple, but very powerful speech. Continue reading…

Mocha Girl on a Mission: Stephanie Felder


I am a Mocha Girl on a mission because…

Although I had a successful career as an educator and was on my way to achieving my goal of becoming a principal in the School District of Philadelphia, I made the choice to become a stay at home mom while my children were little. As such, I have been home with my three year old and 18 month old since November 2010. I was 40 and 41 when I had my daughter and son. Each time I was pregnant I gained about 50 pounds. I had never been overweight in my life and I knew something had to change. Continue reading…


























Self-Esteem Booster of the Week: Be Kind and Generous


























Self-Esteem Booster of the Week:  Get to Know Yourself





Hey Mocha Fam! I hope all is well on your end. Every once in while when there’s a lot going in my life I like to share “Some Life Updates” with you to keep you posted on what I’m doing and to share any resources or learning experiences that I’ve gained.


Last week I had the opportunity to facilitate my self-esteem workshop, I Love Me Some Me: Redefining Be-You-tiful, to a group of college women. The experience was extremely rewarding. Over the past 2 years I’ve booked over 10 speaking engagements which may not sound like a lot, unless you know that I used to be PETRIFIED of public speaking! The funny thing is, just a few years ago, I was still very nervous about speaking in public. Although sharing my story and speaking to groups has always been my passion, I lacked the confidence to follow through. Continue reading…

Self-Esteem Booster of the Week: Groom Yourself


Self-Esteem Booster of the Week: Groom Yourself

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