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Often, we want the best out of life, but we’re not prepared to do what it takes to get it – But there’s no TESTimony without a TEST – there’s no getting away from it!

If you want the best, you’ve got to be prepared to give your best, it’s the Law of Reciprocity; you get back what you put out.

Are you giving your best, for what you say you want back?
For instance, you might be seeking a deep, fulfilling, passionate relationship in which you feel totally connected with your partner.

You want the kind of relationship that makes you feel excited, elevated, rejuvenated, happy, and deeply fulfilled; the kind of relationship where you still get excited to hear his voice on the phone, or when you receive a text, even years down the line.

You’re both connected on a mental, spiritual, emotional and physical level. You feel ‘at home’ in your relationship; you know you are with your soul mate.

He loves you, and you love him, you’re not just going through the motions; you actually feel as if God is the glue holding your relationship together; there’s a deep spiritual element to it, as well as the physical and mental. You are the perfect match.
What are you doing to PREPARE yourself for this kind of relationship? Are you working on your Self? Are you doing the inner work?

Many of us still carry pain, hurt, bitterness, guilt and shame buried deep within the recesses of our subconscious mind from past experiences, which re-surfaces when triggered by something that reminds us of a past event.

We lash out, say things we don’t mean, and regret it later. If we don’t remove the skeletons from our cupboards, clear the negative programming from our minds, they will continue to sabotage our success in relationships, health, finances and dreams for our future.

There’s no TESTimony without a TEST!

If you desire a TESTimony of financial freedom, the TEST will be to manage the money you already have, better.
If you desire a TESTimony of marriage, your TEST will be how you prepare yourself to be a wife (or husband).
If you desire a TESTimony of perfect health, your TEST will be to monitor your eating and exercise habits.

There can be no TESTimony without a TEST!

Sometimes we want to take the short-cut; we want financial abundance without learning how to manage money and budget effectively.
We want perfect health without diet and exercise.
We want the dream husband (or wife) without doing the inner work to become that dream husband or wife for someone else.

There’s no TESTimony without a TEST!

Sometimes we cry out to God saying “Help me Lord! Save me from this situation!” (that we created with our own bad habits).
You want healing, but even if God healed you, because you haven’t changed your unhealthy eating habits and started exercising, so you’ll only end up sick again!
You want God to pour you out a financial blessing, but you’re not willing to start saving from your income.
You want this perfect partner, but what are you doing to prepare for when they show up?

No TESTimony without a TEST

I’d like to share my TESTimony with you:
Many years ago, I suffered from depression. Really deep depression. It was so bad, that at times, even getting out of bed to open the curtains was too much for me to do. I moaned and complained to God about my life; “Why did You put me here?”
I felt like my life had no purpose or meaning. At times, I even felt suicidal.

Then one day, God showed me my purpose in a vision. At the time, I laughed and said “Well, if that’s going to be me, you’re going to have to do a lot of work on me!”
Because when God showed me my purpose over 20 years ago, I had no way of reaching all those people he showed me I would reach; I had no books, no poetry CD, and no art.
All I had were a few poems I’d written down, which were just words I’d written as God spoke to me.

I thought they were personal to me.

One of them now featured in Year One of my self help novel, ‘Journey of a Sister’ (FREE to download this weekend!)

My poem, “Look to Me!”, was God’s response to my moaning and complaining.

See, I had big goals, big dreams and a big vision, but I was a single mum raising two young ‘suns’ and had no map as to how I was going to get from where I was, to where I wanted to be.

It seemed quite hopeless actually, hence the reason for my depression. But God in His/Her infinite wisdom showed me my end result, which has been my driving force ever since.

The vision has kept me going for the past 15 years while I worked on my Self, using my art and writing skills to express my Self creatively along the way.

I now look back and see that every trial and error, every challenge, even my depression, has all been preparation for where God is taking me.

I’ve been homeless, had to send my suns to live with their fathers, been totally broke on many occasions, and been despised by friends and family.

But…there’s no TESTimony without a TEST!
I could have used my challenges as an excuse not to pursue my vision and goals, but instead I chose not to focus on my current situation, but to affirm to my Self, “my current situation is not my destination!”
I hope sharing this small part of my her-story encourages you not to give up when the going gets tough, and to know that your challenges are all part of the journey to your destiny!

Cezanne is an award-winning Visual & Spoken Word Artist and intuitive Author, Mentor, and Speaker. She was born in London in the 60’s of Jamaican parentage and raised in the Christian faith, which laid a solid foundation to her spiritual growth as an adult. Her work is a creative expression of her spiritual journey and personal development.

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