Mocha Girl of the Week: Toni Brown



I am a Mocha Girl on a Mission because…

After buying a home and quitting my job in lieu of a job that’s closer to my new home, I found myself without a job in my new home. Instead of letting fear and doubt settle in, I’ve been pushing my design and branding business to its limits. Although some days I don’t want to get out of bed, I motivate myself to turn my growing venture into a business that will help other image conscious creatives and boutique businesses stop struggling and live the life they truly deserve on their own terms. I’m on a mission to live a life on my own terms while raising a teenage daughter to live by spirit, truth and hard work.


I’m overcoming obstacles everyday. Being able to support my family through my business is a challenge, but I’ve been able to do so for almost 6 months. I’m looking for sustainability in supporting myself for 6 years! My field is very competitive so getting over my own self is a struggle. I have to pray and stay focused on my own grass and not worry about how someone else’s may be greener. Although I still struggle, I can truly say I’m happy.


Five years ago, I started a business without having the skills or connections to make it. My business is growing and I’m becoming the go-to person among my audience for all things design, business and motivation.

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