Mocha Girl of the Week: Pamela Carlisle

MGOM_PamCPam and her mom the day Pam was promoted to Major.

I am a Mocha Girl on a Mission because…

No matter what life has thrown at me, I have always found a way to keep fighting the good fight. I am on a mission to let individuals know that no matter what your past has dealt you, how you live the future, is up to you. Despite suffering with low self esteem (and I still do from time to time) and dealing with severe depression,  at an early age, I realized that there are ways to keep pushing to the top. You have to believe in YOU and love YOU first. There were times in my life when I didn’t believe in me, there were times when I didn’t think I was good enough but the key is to keep fighting for that prize and that prize is YOU!


Like many of the women that appear on this blog, we’ve all had our share of obstacles. However, I  learned that there is a valuable lesson to be learned at every crossroad in our lives.
I often look back at my life, in particular my childhood, often times I don’t even feel like I had a childhood. Sure I had dolls, teddy bears and easy bake ovens but I also had an alcoholic father that would sometimes be emotionally and physically abusive to my mother. I had to deal with peer pressure at school and tried to fit in with the right cliques but never fit in because I looked and felt different. I was a tall, dark skinned girl with bad acne! I was called ugly and even talked about by people who I thought were my friends. As a result, my self esteem was pretty low. I can remember during my sixth grade year I suffered from severe depression, I was so depressed that I contemplated suicide.

Despite the obstacles that I encountered while I was growing up, I learned some valuable lessons.

1. Despite my father’s actions he loved me the best way HE knew how.
2. I learned that “hurt people, hurt people”. My father was a man in pain; alcohol was his coping mechanism.
3. My mother is a strong and forgiving woman.
4. Your past does not have to be your future.


I am currently serving as a Major in the US Army (over 20 years). I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Human Resource Management. I have obtained certifications in personal training and kettle bells and I work part time as a personal trainer at a local gym in Northeast Maryland. I recently launched my blog, which focuses on motivation, empowerment and fitness.

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