Mocha Girl on a Mission: Patrice Cameau


Patrice was nominated by her friend Mercy Chikowore

My nominee is a Mocha Girl on a Mission because

She has dedicated her daily work to helping small business owners thrive! From her communications consulting business (which focuses on helping ordinary people communicate their extraordinary efforts) to C.O.O.K.I.E. (her platform for female entrepreneurs), she is constantly working to inspire individuals who’ve taken steps to creating their own opportunities. Her recent #COOKIE2Thrive effort specifically focuses on giving women business owners a more affordable network of support.


Patrice doesn’t discuss her obstacles. Yes, she’s had some unfavorable things happen along her journey, but they just serve as motivation for her to keep going! She has a “get it done” attitude that makes her and her work ethic a positive force to be around.


Being a mother is by far Patrice’s biggest and most important accomplishment! While she hopes to encourage and inspire aspiring business owners through her work, she wants to instill entrepreneurial thinking in her son so that he understands, at an early age, that he too can create his own opportunities. Last year’s inaugural C.O.O.K.I.E. Conference was also a huge undertaking of which Patrice is very proud!

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