This is a guest post by Lanira Postell, a Social Marketer for a Non-profit in Georgia. Please comment below and support Lanira’s post.

Today the woman has surpassed the male as the competitor. His strength and testosterone are not enough to outshine the woman’s need to be seen, admired and known. In the story of Adam and Eve, God presented Eve to Adam as his gift. She was made perfect for him because she came from him. When he woke up she was there before him and he knew her instantly. This moment when their eyes met for the first time puts all romance novels and movies to absolute shame. It was love at first sight, the first time two humans loved one another. Adam named all the creatures in the land but he was not satisfied until he saw Eve. God put in Eve a gift. The gift that He gave her was unique to her. She had her own style and shape and she moved with her own grace and elegance. She was flawless.

We know the story. The enemy who was kicked out of Heaven sought to deceive Eve and he succeeded. Then she suggested that Adam eat of the fruit as well and that began the fall of man. The death and resurrection of Jesus allows us to be forgiven from our sins and to have a relationship with God and to live forever with Him in Heaven. The error of woman culture is our seemingly inability to praise the gifts inside one another, we in turn compete with one another. The need that we feel to compete with one another stems from our dissatisfaction with ourselves. When we truly love and appreciate ourselves flaws and all, then we can love and appreciate the same in others.

My dark skin sista’s, please do not reject your skin tone. Your skin is a testament of the fiery kiss of Heaven and its beauty shines when you smile.

To my fairer sista’s there is nothing wrong with your pigment nor is there anything missing from your hue. Your self worth is wrapped in how He and you see you and not what others think when they look at you.

To those that sing, I do not covet your voice, I indeed found my own and He loves it.

For those that dance, I greatly enjoy your moves and you inspire me twist when I see fit. I celebrate you! I thank God for the gift that He gave you and that you are willing to share it with the world. You better work!

 There is no competition. Eve came from ONE man. There is ONE man that God has for you. He might choose many women before he finds you. You might choose many men before you are found. But there is only ONE. Therefore, why compete? You are the gift so be the gift and start by realizing that your heart is worthy of eternal love and not abuse. We need to come to a place where we tune out the opinions, ideas and expectations of others and look within. We need to look at what God has given us and embrace it. If we still find things that we do not like about ourselves then we can work to change them. If you want to lose weight, do it! But don’t compete with anyone. If you want to learn to play an instrument, go for it! But don’t compete with anyone. Be at peace with you and realize that you are a gift just as God made you.

A culture has been created in which our men have the game of intimacy MADE. There are so many women fighting for one man and all he has to do is choose. Our standards have been lowered because of our desire for his intimacy. Instead of us encouraging each other to be a light and to not settle, we end up settling for whatever man comes our way and he is not Adam, we are not his Eve. A day may come when women themselves wake up and realize their worth. When that happens, men will have no choice but to step up to the plate. They will have to assume their God given positions as the hunter and competitor. But if we don’t make it a requirement, it will never happen. Woman, in your womb is a legacy, what you see when you look in the mirror affects the nations. Delight in your gift.

Have you experienced the competitive nature of another woman in a setting where competition wasn’t necessary? If so, how did you deal with it? What do you think causes some women to compete against their counterparts? 

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Lanira Postell

Lanira Postell graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Georgia State University. She now resides in middle Georgia and works as a Social Marketer for a non profit victim resource center. Her passions include self expression through the arts and seeing people being freed from oppression.

  • Anonymous

    I wish this was reality! I sing to transform peoples lives and when I get jealous people who come after me for my wrong doings in the past, I lash out. They say I forget where I come from and I say, with all due respect, I am only human. I smoked a few cigarettes (yuk) I had a couple bottles of wine to relax (I needed it) I give God his respect everyday, for my gift but when I need to express myself from not having privacy, I have a tendency, too get heavily upset because sometimes I like to be like a regular human being! I don’t know who my fraternal parents are, I heard they were famous, but I let go of that, and I express myself in singing and then get called names, impeccable and malicious names I can’t handle but then I just sing and forget it all until I come back to reality! Does that make sense? LoL probably not, but my expression at its best!