It’s #GoalMappingMonday- Value Progress over Perfection

Mantra 2

Share your goals for the week in the comments section below to be supported by our positive community of ambitious women! Feel free to network, connect with others with similar interests and find accountability partners. We’ll check in on Friday to see how we’ve progressed. Happy #GoalMapping! 

Reflection Question: What does this week’s mantra mean to you? Have you ever let your desire for perfection stifle your progress? What major step will you take toward your goal this week?

  • My goals for the week can be summed up as: 1) 6 wedding planning to-dos 2) 4 blogging to-dos 3) 4 personal to -dos 4) 4 C.S. to-dos I have these 18 goals (some very basic but crucial) listed in my planner in detail to enable me to track my progress at the end of the week. I intended to use a different mantra for the week but my fiance actually gave me inspiration for this week’s mantra. I often sacrifice progress for perfection, however my goal is to shift my mindset to value progress over perfection.