It’s #GoalMappingMonday! Share Your Goals & Get Support!

Mantra 1

Share your goals for the week in the comments section below to be supported by our positive community of ambitious women! Feel free to connect with others with similar interests, network and find accountability partners. We’ll check in on Friday to see how we’ve progressed. Happy #GoalMapping! 

Reflection Question: What does this week’s mantra mean to you? What’s keeping you from achieving your goals? What do you need in order to make your goals come to fruition? 

  • Althea

    My goal is to stop suffering in silence ,… hopefully i can find some real help …I have been in a slump since the loss of my darling children…. I am looking under every rock , there has got to be some real help some where… I am also dealing with sexual assault…. looking for real help in Florida. Am I fooling myself?

  • Rae

    Thank you!

  • Hey Rae! Thanks for sharing mama. What a great idea. This too shall pass 🙂 Here’s a post I wrote when I was unemployed. These tips helped me a lot!

  • Rae

    My goal is to apply to volunteer opportunities. I am kinda in a slump since being laid off in December and it’s hard to find motivation to do anything.

  • Hey Tanaya, how was your week? Did you accomplish your goals? I nailed down one of 4 goals. Two of my goals I weren’t completed fully and I didn’t have a chance to start the last goal.

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  • I’m rooting for you Tanaya! Good luck girl!

  • Tanaya

    My Goal is so prepare my self for the up coming semester that starts Monday I’m 87% done ! and learning to better manage my time ..