Guess What’s Happening in 31 Days?!

With this month’s theme in mind (honesty) I’m compelled to be truthful with you and myself. I am so grateful for this blog and the incredible community that trusts me enough to pop into their emails every Monday with mantras, interviews, personal stories and blog posts!

Mocha Girls Pit Stop is my passion and a fulfilling labor of love. Being as though I’m a workaholic it’s really difficult for me to take time off and decompress.

With that being said, I am deciding to take a 3 month hiatus in order to focus on my wedding, my marriage and new developments for Mocha Girls Pit Stop.

I’m not bouncing y’all, I’ll just post less frequently until this fall 🙂

Instead of posting weekly on the blog I’ll micro blog on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and post sporadically to the website as I research better ways to engage and build community over the next 3 months.

I’ll begin posting to the blog regularly on September 21, 2015.

Which is exactly two months after my wedding.

I’d like to invite you to take a look at my wedding website and follow me on social media because I’d love to include you in the wedding festivities by sharing pictures, videos and all that good stuff along my new journey.

My wedding day will be the 8th year anniversary of my dad’s passing. I wanted to recreate the meaning of such a tragic day and while I’m thrilled to repurpose July 21st, I know that the day may beget emotions that I can’t even imagine. Whew!

To read more about my engagement and my journey coping with my dad’s passing, click the links below:

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My soon to be hubby and I

I’ll also be moving to California during the first week of August and I want to share that new experience with you as well!

Until then, please offer feedback for new developments you’d like to see on the blog / in our community, in the comments section below.