Don’t Forget to Fill Your Cup

April #GoalMappingMonday (1)

Quote of the Week:

“Taking care of yourself = keeping your cup full. If you don’t do things to keep your cup full, you have nothing left to give or share with others.” Paige Burkes

Our theme for the month of May, is giving with a cheerful heart or as they say in Sunday school, “sowing good seed.” Sowing into the lives of others has been a game changer for me.

The thing about giving, is that you must replenish that from which you gave. Yeaa…. it’s definitely easier said than done, especially when we enjoy giving or it’s fulfilling to us.

For instance, the Mocha Girls Pit Stop blog, is my baby! I can sit on the computer for hours pouring my heart onto the pages of each blog post. And because I enjoy it that much, I forget that I need to refill my cup. What use will I be to you, me or anyone else if I’m walking around on “E?”

Let’s Chat: What revitalizes your spirit when you need a boost?

  • The following are just a few things that help me to refill my cup when I’m on “E.”
    1. Exercise
    2. Listening to Good Music AND Singing along
    3. Church/ Prayer
    4. Reading Thought Provoking Content
    5. Resting
    6. Getting Out the House & Away From the Computer/Social Media
    7. Great Convo with Friends or Loved Ones