Do One Thing That Scares You

Mantra 22

Quote of the Week: When you do something scary, you prove to yourself that you’re stronger than you thought you were.”

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Feel free to network, connect with others with similar interests and find accountability partners. Happy #GoalMapping! 

Reflection Question: What does this week’s mantra mean to you? When’s the last time you did something scary? How’d it go? 

  • Major goals for the week: 1) Better time management. I often tackle the tasks that I enjoy and neglect the necessary tasks that are tedious. 2) Chat with my employer about an alternative work schedule ( remember the video from last week?! :)) 3) Get my finances in order AND as for the thing I’m going to tackle that scares me… I actually did it this weekend lol I emailed a high profile professional to be on the MGPS TV show! Whew! You can do it if you’re willing ladies