One relationship that continues to test my ability to forgive is the relationship that I have with my mom. My mom has been in and out of jail since I was 8 years old. A few years ago, she was sentenced to 4 years in prison, which was the longest stint she’s ever done. For the majority of my undergraduate career and for some of the most important years of my younger sibling’s lives, my mom was locked up.

Despite being verbally and physically abused by my mom when I was younger, we have a great relationship today. Cultivating our productive mother-daughter relationship was not an overnight process. It took years, tears, work an lots of forgiveness on both ends.

It brings me great joy to share this interview with you as my mom and I discuss things we’ve never publicly addressed together.

In this interview we talk about family secrets, denial, mental health, forgiveness and my mom offers advice for mother’s who have rocky relationships with their kids.

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Nuggets of insight from Mama Lomax:

“In order for us to have a productive and effective relationship, I had to stop being in denial.”

“Sometimes in order for us to heal, we have to reveal somethings.”

“If I can’t forgive myself no one else will.”

“You can never make up for lost times, but what you can do is begin where you are and move forward and do better.”

If you know a woman who’s had a trying mother-daughter experience, please share this interview with her. My hope is to inspire other mother’s and daughter’s to rekindle their relationships and heal from old wounds.

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Have you experienced tension in your mother-daughter relationship? How did you deal with it? If you took anything away from this interview feel free to share your feedback below.