There’s a catch phrase that’s been floating around lately that I absolutely love. It goes like this: Your vibe attracts your tribe. And don’t we all want to create and attract positive vibes? I know I do!

The catch phrase is a modern twist on the cliché, “Birds of a feather, flock together”, but it takes it a step further.

It puts us in a place of responsibility for the group of people that we surround ourselves with. It causes us to ask the question, “What am I putting out into the universe to attract the type of people I currently have in my world?”

It reminds us that it is indeed something within us, that creates the reality we experience.

This shows up most clearly in the community we build. When we’re full of positivity and kindness, it just doesn’t leave room for negativity and it certainly doesn’t foster a comfortable environment for people who run on drama and discord.

When people recognize the type of conversation you have, the type of words you use, the type of environment you create, they act accordingly and attract more of the same!

So how can we be more aware of that vibe? How can we cultivate the type of energy that pulls kind, compassionate, creative, and meaningful people into our world?

5 Tips to Help You Create and Attract Positive Vibes

I compiled a list of ideas for you to chew on and maybe even implement this week to see where it takes you:

1. Plan one day this week to do a RAK: random act of kindness. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line. Call a friend and offer to babysit this weekend. Place a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the office conference table.

2. Write out some thank you’s that you’ve been hoarding. There are so many people we appreciate, but just don’t take the time to properly thank. Take some time to handwrite a few thank you cards to let them know how you feel.

3. Set a compliment quota for yourself. Commit to letting 5 people know each day, something that you love about them.

4. Develop a gratefulness journal. Our girl Oprah preaches often on the power of gratitude. Being thankful for all the goodness, just opens the door for more to flow in. Take time each evening to express gratefulness for what you received and experienced that day.

5. As always, meditate. Take a few moments to really just sit and allow your mind to resonate on thoughts of a strong, supportive, healthy, and happy community. Keep it a reality in your mind and watch it appear right before your eyes!

Its a simple if-then equation. If I put out love, compassion, kindness, understanding, passion, and care, then those things will be returned.

Affirmation of the Week

My Challenge To You: Keep track of the change you notice in your world, as you become more intent on putting out good energy. Journal and let yourself be thoughtful about the power you have to shift your reality.

Reflection Question: What types of people does my circle consist of now? What energy did I put out to cultivate that?


  • Thanks so much for sharing, lady! 🙂 Good vibes are indeed contagious.

  • Jamie Rockymore

    This is such a great idea. I have a box of thank you cards just sitting at my desk that I can hand out to people especially at work. Thank you for this! Also its so important to give off positive vibes, when we give good vibes its contagious.