Become Your Best Self [FREE WEBINAR]

I’d like to invite you to hang out with me for a free LIVE Webinar, Become Your Best Self: How to Find Your Passion & Create a Goal Map to Your Dreams. Register for free here!

Become Your Best Self

During our time together, I will share with you my 6-step system for finding your passion and goal mapping to your dreams! My goal is to assist you as you become your best self, by using the tools, resources and insights that I’ve gained over the past few years as I test drove different careers, tried on different passions and finally found my way to the life of my dreams.


Become Your Best Self FREE Webinar

I will reveal my game-changing insights from 3 years of blogging, 10 years of crafting my public speaking skills and a lifetime of asking questions and gaining valued perspectives from successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

During this time, I have conducted over 50 interviews with women on a mission, written hundreds of blog posts geared toward helping women become their best selves and had several personal conversations with CEOs, millionaires and minority business owners.

When You Attend this Webinar, You Will Learn…

  • The 6-Step System for finding your passion and goal mapping to your dreams
  • How to organize your goals to make life easier and more manageable
  • 5 game-changing truths about passion
  • How test drive your dream career
  • How to identify your “what” and your “why”
  • How to identify your value
  • How to goal map like a BOSS

This webinar is for you if:

  • You’ve ever asked yourself, “What am I here for?” “What career path should I pursue?” or “What am I interested in?”
  • You find it challenging to organize your life and stick to your goals
  • You’re tired of feeling like the only one who’s not living their dreams
  • You want to become your best self
  • You need a boost of motivation and a fresh perspective to jump start your year

The webinar should run for about 1 hour and 30 minutes and we’ll have a 15 minute LIVE Q & A session, which presents the perfect opportunity for you to ask me about anything from blogging to my journey overcoming low self-esteem and battling with depression. The floor will be open.

To ensure that you have a seat, register while you still can! Space is limited.


I’m thrilled to be hosting the Become Your Best Self webinar! It’s always humbling to share my story and find that someone out there relates to my experiences or struggles. This is a safe space for us to inspire, encourage and equip each other to succeed!

Are you ready to become your best self? Click here to register.