easy candied yams recipe

Mocha Girl Cooks: Super Easy Candied Yams Recipe

My family's from the south and candied yams (or candied sweets/ candied sweet potatoes) is a popular holiday dish for us. My grandmother typically doesn't use marshmallows but I topped my candied yams dish with mini marshmallows last year and I fell in love. Enjoy this super easy candied yams recipe here!

The Power of the Push [FREE WEBINAR]

If you’re anything like the women in the Mocha Girls Pit Stop community, you’ve always been a dreamer. You envisioned yourself achieving extraordinary goals. You created vision boards with luxurious homes, expensive cars and career paths that allowed you to spend more time with the people you love. But then life happened. Continue reading here...

Managing Marriage, Motherhood & Mental Illness with Dawn Montgomery Greene

Dawn Montgomery Greene is a model, blogger and mental health advocate who takes great pride in putting a face to mental illness (especially in the black community). Dawn loves working with young people, speaking about mental illness, her career and spending time with her family. Dawn is also a freelance writer and her work has been featured in Rolling Out Magazine, J'Adore Magazine Watch Interview Here!

Guess What’s Happening in 31 Days?!

With this month's theme in mind (honesty) I'm compelled to be truthful with you and myself. I am so grateful for this blog and the incredible community that trusts me enough to pop into their emails every Monday with mantras, interviews, personal stories and blog posts! Continue reading here...