You know those mornings when you wake up and just….sit there? You stare into space (or perhaps your phone) and you enter a sweet spot of zoning out that makes you want to climb right back under the covers and stay for another 24 hours at least.

Yea, we all know those days. When motivation is at an all time low and it takes some deep soul searching to get yourself out and about.

This week we are exploring the theme of motivation in an effort to wrap our minds and hearts around keeping momentum as we reach for our goals.

Why are we making this a theme this week? Because it’s not always FUN to be as inspired, ambitious, hard working, and excellent, as we mocha girls are.

As we all are aware, it can be daunting, exhausting, difficult, and at times dull.

But despite those not so glamorous aspects of life…

We’ve got to remain positive while working hard to get to our individual successes.

So, what can we do to keep our mojo even when a day cuddled in bed sounds like a much better idea? I’m so glad you asked.

5 Tips To Keep Your Mojo When You Want To Stay Cuddled In Bed

1. Keep your goals in front of you. It may be a few sticky notes with motivating messages on your bathroom mirror or a list of your 3-year goals on the background of your phone screen. Be sure to view and visualize your goals happening on a daily basis.

2. Get a routine. Sometimes it feels good just not to have to make the big effort to think our way through the day. Set a group of meaningful and productive routines that begin to habitually push you towards your dreams.

3. Celebrate the small wins. Any progress is good progress and you need to celebrate often as you make this journey. The final outcome isn’t the only one that matters. Recognize your magic along the way as well.

4. Tap into the energies of those around you. Use your tribe! Make sure you make time to be around and indulge in the light-filled and love prone people in your world. Good vibes are contagious, go get you some girl!

5. Take a break. When you make rest a form of productivity, your world will change. Make time for the spa, or weekends with no plans, a part of your regimen for self care and motivation. You will give yourself the much needed space and time to recharge and hit the ground running!

One more quick thing: There is a book titled, The War of Art, where the author Steven Pressfield says, “At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it.”

We are continuously growing to newer and newer levels and we must complete the prior to elevate.

Stay motivated sis, as you continue to graduate into bigger and better versions of yourself.

My Challenge To You:

Take time to motivate someone this week. You can often surprisingly motivate yourself when you share your light with others! Just try it, I promise it’ll work.

Reflection Question:

What are the three main motivators behind the work I do? How can I keep those in the forefront of my mind to maintain my drive towards success.