Hormones are raging, your confidence is playing hide and seek and the world is straight up pissing you off.  Can you relate? Or is this just me? Let’s be real, many of us ( along with our significant others) dread that time of the month, unless of course our lady friend shows up too late. Now that’s another story! Don’t let your period get you down in the dumps, try these 3 tips to boost your confidence during your time of the month.

1. Pamper yourself-  Take the time to pamper yourself when your lady friend visits. Shave your legs, treat yourself to a mani and pedi or “get your hair did.” These small gestures can make any cramping lady feel sexy!

2. Dress-up- Although you may feel like %*#@ this IS NOT the time to let yourself go. Strategically pick out your clothes for the day. Wear clothing that makes you feel good about yourself. Dresses, nice fitting pants and black always works for me!

3. Move ya body- As tempting as it is to stay curled up in a ball for 5 days, eating chocolate while watching reruns of Love & Hip Hop, light movement does the body good! Easy exercises, like stretching, yoga, walking, or swimming help increase blood flow, which cuts down on cramping.


  • Dayna Williams

    Outstanding information daugther. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!