I celebrated my 25th birthday on November 23rd! I had such an amazing birthday and post birthday weekend. For me 25 symbolizes my rebirth. Besides finally being able to rent a car without the extra “youngin” fees, I feel like I’m finally coming into my own as a woman. Most of my life I’ve been wrapped up in the opinions of others, I’ve asked for permission for things that didn’t need authorization and ultimately I wasn’t as comfortable as I would have liked to have been, in my own skin and with my own truth.

I’m preparing for a bunch of new phases in my life and I’m loving it. I’m planning my wedding for the summer of 2015, I’m working my way up in the company I work with and I’m building my business. So far, I’m loving 25!

The day after my birthday I got my first tattoo. I’ve wanted a tattoo for years but I never found anything significant enough to put on my body… permanently. I decided to get one of my favorite words (resilience)  tatted on my rib in Arabic. The funny thing is, I learned that technically there isn’t a perfect translation for resilience in Arabic which intrigued me. So guess what? I got it anyway. I figured it’d be a first step in my rebirth process. I really don’t care what the writing means to anyone else. It’s symbolic for me and that’s all that matters. In case you’re wondering, the “perfect” translation is like flexible or pliable.

I would like to note that my fiance was talking all types of smack before I got my tattoo. However, I proved him wrong and took my tat like a G lol. It was only uncomfortable when the tattoo artist shaded it in.

Below are a few life lessons and truths that I’ve learned over the years. Some the hard way others not so much.

1. Forgiveness is a lifelong process. Until the day you die, you’ll be faced with countless opportunities to forgive. Embrace them. It makes life so much easier.

2. You don’t have to be a perfect person to inspire others.

3. You have the power to create your own truth and that’s enough.

4. You are not defined by what you enjoy sexually… or by the # of partners you’ve had.

5. Never choose money over your passion but if you do, create an exit plan to get back to your passion.

6. Genuine friendships and family aren’t overrated. Nurture and cherish those relationships!

7. Happiness can’t be bought or given, it comes from within.

8. What you put into the universe will surely come back to you. Karma is real.

9.  You set the tone for how others treat you.

10. Mistakes are a part of life. Don’t beat yourself up. Learn from them and move on.

11. It’s okay to change your mind about a career path, a relationship, a business venture or anything you’re having second thoughts about. Just be upfront with the parties involved.

12. Choose opportunities based on your value system. Don’t be phased by money or fame. If you won’t be proud of what you’re about to do in 5 years, it’s probably best to fall back.

13. You’ll always remember the death of a loved one and though a piece of you may have died with them, it does get easier with time.

14. Fear is usually False. Expectations.Appearing.Real. Once you feel the fear and do it anyway, you’ll realize it wasn’t as bad as you thought.

15. Humility is 100 times sexier than arrogance! The toilet is the great equalizer my friend.

16. No matters what happens to you, where there is life, there is hope. You can make it!

17. Every encounter, whether positive or negative, can help you along your journey.

18. You have the power to change your reality.

19. Every relationship has it’s ups and downs… the key is to find someone who’s worth the downs.

20. Your intuition (also known as God’s voice or your gut) often gives you subtle inklings about people, situations and decisions… listen to it.

21. Keep some things sacred. Everyone doesn’t have to know every single thing about you. Ain’t nothing wrong with filtering certain aspects of your life.

22. You and you alone should establish and validate your identity. When one’s identity is fabricated on a fickle foundation ( people: husband, wife, children siblings, a career, a moment in time etc…) it ultimately leads to an identity crisis.

23. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Express gratitude often.

24. Love is one of the most beautiful enigmas. Embrace it when it finds you.

25. Never say what you’ll never do. You never know what you’d do if the “perfect” situation presented itself.

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What “aha moments” have you taken from your journey? Do you agree with any of the life lessons above? Disagree?