1. Step Outside of Yourself and See “You” as Another Person-

I realized how impactful this mindset shift was a few years ago. I noticed that it was very easy for me to extend compassion, understanding and acceptance to others, but I did not offer myself the same gesture. It was easy for me to embrace my friends’ or family members’ imperfections but when it came to me, I’d judge myself harshly, dwell on my mistakes and magnify my imperfections.

 When I started vlogging (creating personal video journals) I’d watch my videos frequently and the more I’d watch myself, the more I saw Terri as an individual who’s a work in progress, rather than an imperfect being. You know they say, “We’re our own worst critic.” Vlogging helped me to meet myself. I’d vlog about relationships, mistakes, goals and difficult experiences. As strange as it sounds, the more I watched myself on the vlogs, the more I began to like myself. I began to like the sound of my voice (I used to hate my voice) and even the way I looked. This experience taught me how important it is to be gentle and accepting of the most important person in my world, me. Now that I’ve met myself and I know myself, it’s easier to love me. Are you compassionate and understanding to the most important person in your world?

2. Control Your Thoughts About “You”-

 My thoughts have always been my biggest setback. There were plenty of times when I let F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) hold me back from great opportunities because of my way of thinking. You ever have that voice in your head that sounds like a negative nagging hater? Well this voice paralyzed me for the longest! When I made the slightest mistake the voice would start criticizing “You’re so dumb” “How could you do this” “You just aren’t good enough.”  The voice literally held my self-esteem and confidence hostage, and I let it. It wasn’t until I started reciting daily affirmations and controlling my thoughts that I boosted my self-esteem and confidence. When I first attempted to recite positive affirmations, I felt silly. I felt silly because I would literally look in the mirror and lie to myself, I didn’t believe a word I was saying! I’d say things like “I am so beautiful” “I Love myself” “I’m perfect just the way I am.” The voice hated this exercise, but I did it anyway. The funny thing is, before I knew it, I actually began to believe the affirmations! I don’t use affirmations as much today but I constantly control my thoughts and I value myself enough to protect myself from external negative input and internal criticism. What do your thoughts say about you?